Training For Professionals Who Want To Expand Into The Divorce Market

Do YOU want to add another service to your professional offerings?

Do YOU want to launch or extend your current practice?

We have TWO programs for YOU!

Both programs will help you:

(a) make money in the new economy.

(b) be recognized as a pathfinder and pioneer.

(c) model your business so that you can:

  • have more control of your schedule,

  • attract and work with quality clients,

  • increase your job satisfaction,

  • use your skill set in a positive way, and

  • find work-life balance.

First, Divorce Coach Training with The Divorce Coach Institute is for you if you want to provide Divorce (and/or Break-up) Coaching.  Your clients for this service are individuals who want a Coach to help them (1) evaluate their day-to-day options and best outcomes regarding every aspect (parenting, financial, etc.) of their divorces, (2) explore their options for going through the divorce process including retaining attorneys, mediators, and other professionals, and (3) plan for rebuilding their lives post-divorce.

This 6-month, 36-hour, program includes 2 monthly group meetings (by phone or through Zoom); one 20-minute individual monthly strategy session; and a series of guided readings, film viewings, and local investigations.  The course content covers the legal aspects of divorce as well as the psychological, financial, logistic, and social factors that impact one’s ability to find resiliency after divorce.  To learn more click here, email or call Elinor at 954-415-5645 for more information.

Next, Friendly Divorce Mediation Training is for you if you want to provide a one-stop divorce service in the growing Pro-Se/Pre-Suit Divorce market.  Your clients for this service are couples who want to hire a Mediator and Document Preparer to help them reach an agreement and file all of the paperwork they need for an uncontested divorce.  This program is currently only available through at in streaming video format.  If you are already trained as a Mediator, this program will provide you with the foundation you need to create your own Mediation and Document Preparation business.  Start Making a Difference! For more info call us or visit!

Get Powerful Practice Building Strategies

Learn a Family-Friendly Approach from Two Dynamic and Knowledgeable Trainers

  • The family law arena is ripe for a revolution. The public is eager to move away from the traditional/attorney-driven model of divorce and towards a more humane and family-friendly approach.  The new economy is accelerating this shift as technology changes the way everything works.  Both of these programs will give you the strategic placement you need to ride the wave of this emerging trend.
  • Often, the biggest obstacle a professional faces is the inevitable need to create and implement a comprehensive hybrid marketing plan.  (A comprehensive hybrid marketing plan will have advertising, PR, branding, and networking components that use traditional, static web, interactive web, and social media strategies.)  Both of these programs address the marketing challenges you are likely to face and provide support to enable you to overcome your marketing hurdles.
  • A big part of creating any successful divorce-related service is having a broad understanding and knowledge base that touches on family law, finance, psychology, administration, and marketing.  Both of these programs will enable you to connect to the mentors and collaborative colleagues you will need to fill in the blanks and successfully help your clients.
  • These training programs are designed to give you what you need so that you can create a successful divorce mediation/document preparation or coaching business.